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Why We Exist

CyGlass is a leading provider of cloud and network-centric threat detection and response solutions that help organizations see risks, stop threats, and prove compliance. Our unique 100% cloud-native, eXtended Cloud Security platform delivers enterprise-class cyber defense across hybrid networks, to mid-sized and small organizations at an affordable cost and without hardware or software. In September 2023, WatchGuard Technologies, a global leader in unified cybersecurity, acquired CyGlass to bring AI-based NDR and Open XDR capabilities to its Unified Security Platform architecture. Visit WatchGuard.com to learn more.


The Mission and Values that Drive Us

Our mission is to bring enterprise-class, AI-driven cyber defense tools to organizations of all sizes to democratize cybersecurity by giving all organizations the ability to safely operate across all connected technologies.

We believe that network traffic is the “truth” and “foundation” of cybersecurity, and we are relentless in finding new ways to utilize data science to improve the efficacy and automation of cyber attack detection and response.

Our values start with hard work, an entrepreneurial spirit, and respect for all peoples and cultures. Our team values are strengthened by our global cultural diversity. We also understand that data science is a black box to many, so integrity and transparency are also at our core.

Our CyGlass lens sees the world in terms of serving and supporting our customer’s success in the enterprises and communities they serve.


Ed Jackowiak, President and CEO, CyGlass

Our Mission and Values

Our History

Sep 2018

CyGlass is an award-winning extended cloud security platform born out of a unique AI technology funded, created and validated by DARPA and US Intelligence agencies. Defined by its ability to correlate and analyze billions of disparate data points and accurately detect anomalous behaviors, the CyGlass AI engine was quickly recognized for its commercial network and cloud cybersecurity application.

Nov 2012

Jan 2019

CyGlass deploys the first ever 100% cloud-native network detection and response platform on AWS eliminating the need for appliance based architectures.

June 2020

CyGlass partners with Stratejm to deliver first cloud-native managed detection and response service for small and medium enterprises.

Mar 2021

Mar 2021

CyGlass customer Waverly Borough Council wins the CSO 50 award based on their CyGlass deployment.

Jul 2021

CyGlass rapidly expanded the Hybrid Network Security platform, integrating Azure cloud, Active Directory, and M365 support.

Hybrid Networks need a Hybrid Solution
Aug 2021

Aug 2021

CyGlass wins SC Europe Award for Best Small and Medium Enterprise Security Product.

Oct 2021

CyGlass adds AWS support continuing the expansion of NDR into cloud environments. CyGlass' award winning streak continues with Computing Magazines "Best Cloud Security Product" and "Best SME Product."

Oct 2021
March 2022

Mar 2022

CyGlass wins Computing UK Magazine's best AI and Automation Security Tool. CyGlass customer, the MS Society UK wins a 2022 CSO 50 award for their limited team deployment of CyGlass.

Jun 2022

CyGlass once again becomes an independent company as Nominet spins out the company as part of its restructuring efforts. With more than 80 customers located around the globe, our continued focus is on enabling enterprise-class cybersecurity for small and medium organizations.

June 2022

Jan 2023

CyGlass completes a record-breaking year as a new independent company, doubling revenue in six months and launching the first 100% cloud-native Open XDR platform for small and medium enterprises.

Sep 2023

CyGlass is Acquired by WatchGuard. The CyGlass technology will add to the WatchGuard Unified Security Platform® architecture, delivering AI-based detection of network anomalies with a future Network Detection and Response (NDR) service, and will accelerate Open eXtended detection and response (XDR) capabilities within WatchGuard ThreatSync.