CyGlass is a leading provider of network-centric, threat detection solutions. Its customers can uncover, pinpoint, and respond to advanced cyber threats that have evaded traditional security controls. By baselining what is normal it can help organisations plan, prioritise, and protect their network.

The company’s unique technology had its origins in work funded by the US Department of Defense’s DARPA agency, who were interested in its potential to tackle the anomalies that could impact fighter aircraft. Now headquartered in Boston, USA, CyGlass developed its early-stage capabilities into a frictionless solution for organisations of any size.

Nominet acquired CyGlass in 2020. Nominet is a profit with a purpose company driven by making the world more connected, inclusive, and secure. Its cybersecurity division is founded in Nominet’s experience running and protecting one of the largest internet registries in the world. The .UK registry is relied upon by millions of businesses every day and is considered a vital part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure. Nominet Cyber delivers the Protective Domain Name Service (PDNS) on behalf of the NCSC as part of the Active Cyber Defense program. Nominet’s commercial activities fund a program that uses technology to improve the lives of 1 million young people each year.

Our history



The CyGlass journey begins in research and development projects with US intelligence agencies and DoD



Machine learning capability built to baseline normal behaviour on the network. Allows customers to discover their attack surface area, implement protective policy management and implement threat detection and response



CyGlass’s Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS) is launched and validated by early adopters


January 2020

CyGlass acquired by Nominet


April 2020

Velocity Partner Program becomes part of CyGlass