Empowering Firewall With AI Risk and Threat Protection

Adding CyGlass Network Defense as a Service to your on-premise or cloud firewall transforms this critical border guard into an AI driven risk and threat detection and remediation machine

The CyGlass NDaaS firewall add-on connects in under 30 minutes, requires no on-promise hardware, and costs as low as $4.99 per user per month.

Together, firewall plus CyGlass NDaaS allows IT & Security teams to see risks across your network, detect cyberattacks like ransomware, and automatically remediate attacks 24X7 without the need for a SIEM.

CyGlass NDaaS Utilizes advanced AI combined with a  security policy engine to reduce the alerts and false positives down to a truly manageable amount of smart alerts. On average, a 30,000 user deployment will see 3 smart alerts per day.

  • See Risks Across the Network
  • Detect Threats
  • 24X7 Automated Remediation
  • Built for Small IT & Security Teams

Firewall + NDaaS = Enhanced Visibility & Control

For most companies, firewalls and endpoint protection remain critical components of their cybersecurity defenses. But, as cyber attackers have become more sophisticated, these tools have lost effectiveness. Modern ransomware attacks, for example, often bypass firewall and endpoint tools. At the same time, AI based network monitoring and threat detection has only been deployed in larger organizations. Costly and complex, AI based NDR tools are rarely deployed by medium and small organizations leaving these companies vulnerable to attack.

CyGlass NDaaS plugs into your firewall in less than 30 minutes, creating a powerful, SaaS network defense and monitoring solution in just minutes.

A Simple Affordable Firewall Add-on


CyGlass NDaaS Delivery Architecture

CyGlass collects NetFlow, Syslog, and other logs via a data collector layer which ingests data, parses it into relevant formats, and transmits it to the AI engine via a secure SSH channel.

The CyGlass AI engine utilizes unsupervised machine learning in a big data architecture with integrated policy engine. The policy engine enables the fast deployment of operational, threat, and compliance objectives and controls which drive the relevant analytics.

Outputs include data flows to security tools, smart alerts, reporting, and an investigative UI.



Cloud devices

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