Ransomware Prevention for Small Teams

Detect and eliminate ransomware before it impacts your business.

Can You Spot a Ransomware Attack Before It’s Too Late?

Ransomware is one of the greatest cybersecurity threats facing businesses today. Traditional efforts to thwart ransomware attacks focused on preventing penetration of the firewall and ensuring robust backups to recover from an attack. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and ransomware attacks continue to rise. In fact, experts predict a ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2021.1

It’s time to strengthen your defence. Ransomware attacks typically include a dwell time (period between compromise and attack) of 3 days2 giving you a window to detect and remove ransomware from your network before it impacts your business. CyGlass monitors for indicators of a ransomware attack and sends you real-time alerts so you can detect and respond quickly.

Smaller teams have to overcome greater challenges than larger organisations that operate a 24×7 security operations centre. Simply deploying and managing multiple security tools can be an ongoing challenge if resources are constrained. Failed on-premise SIEM and legacy NDR tool deployments are typical in mid and small-size organisations, and these organisations need tools designed to operate within their constraints.

Organisations should look for ransomware solutions that do not require on-premise hardware or software deployments and rely, as much as possible, on data already available in existing tools. Search out tools that can cover more than just ransomware use cases and replace legacy or marginally deployed tools like SIEM, DLP, and network traffic analysers.

1 Cybercrime Magazine, Cybercrime To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025, November 2020
2 ZDnet, Most ransomware attacks take place during the night or over the weekend, March 2020

Prevention and Recovery

  • Be notified when your EDR solution has not received an update or is turned off
  • Get an alert if your network backups stop or are interrupted
  • Learn about abnormally encrypted RDP and DNS tunnels
  • Know about abnormal lateral movement or after hour VPN access
  • Be informed when your network returns to normal operations
  • Machine learning captures the characteristics of the ransomware attack to further improve detection of future threats

Ransomware impacts


Ransomware: Making the Network Your Secret Weapon

Learn more about how you can detect ransomware attacks on your network and how CyGlass helps you eliminate the threat before damage is done.

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CyGlass Advantages

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Power-up Your Firewall

NDaaS from CyGlass adds intelligence to your firewall to meet the challenge of ransomware detection and mitigation. CyGlass’ behavioural detection proactively analyses and understands any anomalies.

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Fast and Easy to Deploy

CyGlass can be up and running in minutes and provides meaningful insights to your network in hours. No additional people, hardware or software are necessary.

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The Data Your Analysts Need

CyGlass NDaaS provides all of the information necessary to begin the first steps of incident response against ransomware. The analysis of the artefacts enabled by CyGlass leads to quicker remediation of attacks and reduces the likelihood of the real threat of the organisation falling victim to the ransomware attack a second time.

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Intelligent, Real-time Alerting

CyGlass uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn your network’s normal patterns and deliver Smart Alerts – prioritised by threat and risk. CyGlass emulates human thinking and contextualises the nature of the threat in relation to the value of your assets. Our alerting capability allows you to get ahead of the ransomware attack before it causes damage.

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