SIEM Alternative Built for Small IT Security Teams

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools were supposed to be the solution to the lack of visibility into the security posture of a company. The reality is they have been too expensive and too complicated to deploy for many companies.

Small IT Security teams do not have the resources to operate a SIEM.

CyGlass Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS) delivers a cost-effective network detection, response, and compliance solution built for Small IT Security Teams.

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Benefits for Small IT Security Teams

CyGlass’ unique NDaaS delivery model provides enterprise-class cybersecurity at a fraction of the cost of traditional NDR tools. CyGlass is designed for operational success in any environment delivering:

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Reports provide detailed and insightful analytics on an organisation’s cyber risk.

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No IT overhead

100% SaaS solution with no appliance, no agents, no new on-premises software or hardware

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Increasing ROI

Advanced AI and automation reduce overhead, increase effectiveness and use case coverage over time

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Objective policy packs and advanced AI drive automation, increase operational effectiveness and threat detection and response

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Priority Alerts

A very small number of alerts capture behavioural and event intelligence that doesn’t overwhelm your teams and leaves you to focus on what's important.

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In depth visibility

CyGlass objective-driven alerts and reports enable security teams to focus on what is important, why, and what remediation action is needed to mitigate the risk or threat. Prebuilt policy objectives mean teams click a button to activate controls, AI models and reports based on organisational needs.


What is NDaaS?

Network Defense as-a-Service (NDaaS) simply and effectively identifies, detects and responds to threats to your network without requiring any additional hardware, software or people.

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