by Deb Schalm on April 14, 2021

LITTLETON, Mass, April 14, 2021 – CyGlass makes the case for a renewed focus on Network Detection and Response (NDR) as a foundational defensive component to stop ransomware and other targeted attacks in its new whitepaper titled “NDR SaaS: What it Can Do for You.” The paper contends that network defense technology deployed through software-as-a-service – known as  NDaaS – can empower resource constrained mid-market enterprises and the service providers that support them to efficiently reduce cybersecurity risk.

Covering four SaaS network defense use cases, including network visibility, standards and regulatory compliance, threat detection, and automation for modern malware defense, the paper is available for  download.

CyGlass’ paper defines the importance of cloud-native, SaaS network defense as critical to organizations with smaller security and IT teams. Many are unable to invest in a SIEM or expensive Security Operations Center but need to protect their on-premise and hybrid cloud networks.

CyGlass is providing associated decision support content, including a new ebook: “Network Defense, Your Secret Weapon to Defeating the Bad Guys.”

The resources are ideal for IT and cybersecurity professionals, who typically manage firewalls, VPNs, and endpoints, but may be unable to protect their networks due to cost and operational constraints of traditional Network Detection and Response (NDR) tools. Additionally, many managed service providers are broadening their cybersecurity solutions to include NDaaS to help their customers cut security costs, reduce resource overhead, and ensure that their cyber-threat mitigation measures are future-proofed.

Download the  ebookwhitepaper and read our blog post: “6 Reasons to Make Network Security Central in 2021.”

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