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It is no surprise that CyGlass is a channel-focused company due to our focus on supporting medium and small enterprises, but what may come as a surprise is who our channel partners are. In an IT world where Cloud platforms and services are becoming more and more relevant, traditional Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Distributors are being eclipsed by new managed service providers. A case in point is our partner Bell Integration.

Bell Integration Ltd is a leader in the cloud-managed service space, supporting customers from larger enterprises down to medium and small businesses. Based out of the United Kingdom, their services include on-premise migrations to AWS, managed IT, managed IoT, and other managed cloud services. Their customers are located around the globe, and they specialize in the financial services sectors but have a broad set of customers, including Balfour Beatty, Carnival Cruises, and State Street financial services. Bell Integration has seen increasing demand and opportunity to expand services into cyber security. Their customer base, especially their mid-market customers, is asking Bell to provide comprehensive defense and response capabilities across their managed cloud platforms. The demands stem from customers participating in continuous cyber supply chain audits, increasing adherence to UK & US national cyber compliance standards, including ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, and NIST, and the ever-increasing demands of cyber insurance underwriters.

With CyGlass, Bell Integration Expands into Cybersecurity

To meet this new opportunity, Bell Integration partnered with CyGlass to provide Cloud Detection and Response (CRD), and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) for hybrid environments. Utilizing the CyGlass eXtended Cloud Security platform, Bell Integration delivers

AI-driven, automated detection and response capabilities across their cloud services. The solution searches out risks, vulnerabilities, and threats across a customer’s threat surfaces and provides simple alerts, reports, and remediation actions. For an MSSP/MDR provider like Bell Integration, the solution is an affordable component of their broader managed cloud services stack priced for and usable by organizations with 200-10,000 users.

Bell Integration will also utilize CyGlass’ integrated policy and reporting engine to offer automated compliance reporting to their clients covering ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, and NIST-CSF control environments. The automated compliance capabilities provided by CyGlass save thousands of dollars of person-hour report creation each quarter and deliver control effectiveness reports on demand.

Why did Bell partner with CyGlass?

Bell Integration’s core business is managed cloud services, and their most critical requirement for their cybersecurity service was a 100% cloud-native defense and response solution. In the same way that Bell Integration instantly provisions AWS and Azure services for their clients, they needed the same ease and speed of implementation for their chosen cloud defense solution. CyGlass is one of only a few cloud-native CDR, Open XDR solutions and the solution that offers the broadest threat surface coverage. By aligning cloud native deployment models, Bell Integration calculated a greater than 50% TCO reduction versus legacy NDR and XDR tools.

Beyond this, Bell Integration’s clients required continuous compliance capability allowing all customers to prove their cyber posture via industry-standard reporting. CyGlass includes a complete control and reporting capability, making its offerings closer to a SIEM but significantly less complex. Bell Integration thoroughly evaluated offerings from Arctic Wolf, DarkTrace, and Microsoft Sentinel before they selected CyGlass.

What Makes Bell Integration Different?

Bell is at the forefront of helping companies of all sizes drive down operating costs and improve their ability to engage with their customers, increasing revenues while optimizing profits. If you are an organization looking for an end-to-end managed service partner to help migrate your IT systems to the cloud safely and efficiently and then manage the complete life-cycle of your cloud environment including security, Bell Integration is the partner we trust and recommend.


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