Turbocharge your Firewall With AI Driven Risk and Threat Protection

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CyGlass quickly plugs into your firewall, creating a powerful SaaS network defense solution.

CyGlass NDaaS connects to your firewall in under 30 minutes, requires no on-promise hardware, and starts at $4.99 per user per month.

Your firewall plus CyGlass NDaaS allows IT & Security teams to see risks across your network, detect cyberattacks like ransomware, and automatically remediate attacks 24X7 without the need for a SIEM or SOAR. Utilizing advanced AI, CyGlass reduces false positives and focuses teams on the risks and threats that matter.

Empowering the Firewall

"The reports generated by CyGlass are a core capability giving us and our colleagues confidence to know what is happening across the network.”

Crown Agents Bank

CyGlass Advantages

Award Winning AI Risk and Threat Detection

The CyGlass AI engine utilizes unsupervised machine learning in a big data architecture with integrated policy engine to detect, correlate and surface risk, vulnerabilities and indicators of compromise across your hybrid network. Integrated remediation means one click to stop an attack night or day.

Empowering the Firewall

Simple and Inexpensive to Deploy and Operate

Cloud-native SaaS mean rapid deployment and simple operations. Continuously monitor your network and cloud 24X7 without having to add new headcount and spend money and time on complex product training.

Empowering the Firewall

Single inclusive platform including reporting

The CyGlass NDaaS Platform is a complete hybrid network defense system that includes a full reporting capability. Automated reports include; network risk scorecard, executive reports, ransomware defense reports, and M365/Azure risk and threat reports.

Empowering the Firewall