Cybersecurity Visibility in the Work from Home Era

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Your Attack Surface Has Expanded. What’s Your Next Move?

The increase in remote working is here to stay, and cybercriminals have exploited that shift. Businesses are struggling to monitor their expanded attack surface and it is now paramount that every business can fully secure its VPN & Cloud environments to protect its most critical data assets.

CyGlass provides the protection required to thwart increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyberattacks originating through remote workers. Our unique ability to gather and correlate AD/Azure, M365, VPN, RDP and Network logs for risks and threats allows you to quickly and easily adapt your cybersecurity approach to the changing dynamics of remote working.

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Reduce Threat Surfaces, Reduce Risks

Improperly deployed or protected VPN or RDP systems, M365/Cloud and AD environments or BYOD devices with direct access to cloud services all increase the likelihood that an attack against your network will succeed.

CyGlass collects, analyzes and monitors VPN, RDP, network and M365/Cloud traffic and user data. CyGlass AI discovers and identifies misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, risk and threats across network assets (machines), subnets, applications, users, cloud and network services.

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    Map out and monitor the critical assets that employees should and should not be allowed to access with and without VPN access including which protocols are allowed (e.g., RDP or SSH).

Zero-Trust zones identify sensitive assets based on network locations and data type. Zero-Trust policies restrict access to these zones based on user identity, locations and device type.

Machine learning enables CyGlass to identify and tag network and cloud assets, as well as user and group identities. Quickly and easily create Zero-Trust policies that watch for data access and movement violations from remote workers, AD groups and rogue devices.

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    Revisit policies and implementations that occurred during the transition to remote working. Label the network to identify VPN and non-VPN activity. Tag high-risk networks and those that should not have outside traffic. These can be used for policies to monitor and alert on activity that could be unauthorized traffic even by VPN users.


Maximize Your Cybersecurity in a Remote Working World

Be proactive about managing the increased risks of a continued work-from-home landscape. Discover how you can better secure your VPN access and policies.

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“In week one we delivered our first executive summary and ransomware prevention reports, this enabled us to quickly and easily adjusted our existing policies having identified several areas of improvement.”

London Women’s Clinic

CyGlass Advantages

VPN & Network Labeling

Label high-risk networks and design policies that emphasize protection of these subnetworks and address ranges. You can also label networks that should be seeing no outside activity to highlight potential unauthorized access.

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AI-Based Threat Analytics and Alerts

Ingest VPN logs into NDaaS to power AI-based analysis of threats and alerts on suspicious or anomalous events, such as unusual access times or locations and unusual number of failed logins.

Unique Policies for Your Remote Workforce

CyGlass NDaaS provides all of the information necessary for incident response against cyberattack. Authentication and access policies that monitor cloud user activities and remote network access quickly surface protentional threats.

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Fast and Easy to Deploy

NDaaS from CyGlass is up and running in minutes with no additional hardware or software required. It integrates seamlessly with your existing cybersecurity tools and can be entirely managed remotely.

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