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Protect Student and Teacher Data, and School Reputation with CyGlass Hybrid Network Defense

Threat actors targeted schools at an unprecedented rate in the first half of 2023. Ransomware is especially prevalent. The education sector reported the highest rates of ransomware attacks of all the industries surveyed, with 2023 rates of attack more than double than reported in 2021 by the Sophos State of Ransomware in Education Report.

CyGlass effectively identifies, detects, and remediates cyber threats without requiring additional hardware, software, or people. Deployed and protecting schools of all sizes, from primary education to universities, CyGlass protects against ransomware and cyber-attacks targeting employee and student information, school operations, and school reputation from inappropriate computer usage.

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Ransomware ROI Case Study

Making the Business Case for Hybrid Network Defense

Ransomware attacks are not only on the rise; they are more costly and damaging than most organizations realize. This case study delves into an actual world ransomware attack, revealing its true costs and the ROI of cybersecurity software investments required to defend against it.

ROI Paper

"For more than 400 years, Whitgift has been transforming boys' lives through education. The School's reputation for building highly educated, forward-thinking leaders is second to none. With the growth of ransomware attacks on school systems, Whitgift turned to CyGlass to protect its hybrid network and cloud environments and the School's stellar reputation."

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CyGlass Advantages

Ransomware Defense

CyGlass continuously monitors over 40 CISA-defined ransomware defense risks and threat controls, suggesting proactive measures to reduce attack risk. CyGlass AI watches for ransomware indicators on compromise and automatically applies remediation controls to stop attacks early. CyGlass ransomware prevention defense reports clearly illustrate risks, guide teams through continuous improvement, and enable even small schools to build robust defenses.

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Continuous Threat Detection and Remediation

CyGlass provides real-time risk and threat detection and response across the network, Azure, Google, AWS Clouds & Cloud applications. Enterprise-class AI and automation simplify operational effectiveness so that even small IT staff schools can easily mitigate risks and quickly respond to cyber threats. With CyGlass, student, employee, teacher and operational data remain safe.

Rapid Time to Value, Low TCO

Whether you represent a small university, a public education system, or a private school, the prospect of establishing a state-of-the-art security operations center may seem daunting. However, there's encouraging news: achieving robust cyber defense no longer hinges on recruiting many cybersecurity experts and implementing an array of intricate tools. Enter CyGlass, a cloud-native, AI-driven solution that comprehensively safeguards your cloud infrastructure, networks, and user identities. Seamlessly integrating with your existing endpoint security toolkit, CyGlass precludes the need for additional staffing, streamlines operations, and substantially curtails expenses—by as much as 60%. This empowers any organization to implement a top-tier cyber defense strategy.

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CyGlass, AWS & Carahsoft Partnership

CyGlass is a 100% cloud-native hybrid network defense solution deployed across any AWS Cloud infrastructure. What truly sets CyGlass apart is its distinct synergy with AWS and Carahsoft, particularly for educational institutions. This synergy paves the way for deploying CyGlass without straining budgets or staffing and ensures adherence to specific procurement timelines. CyGlass contract vehicles via Carahsoft and AWS include QUILT, Omnia, E&I, and NASPO. Visit the Carahsoft-CyGlass Solution Page