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State, Local, City, and Councils

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Protect Sensitive Citizen Data and Critical Public Service Operations

From ransomware to phishing to service disruption attacks, state, local and city government attacks have risen another 10% to 69% year over year, according to the 2023 Sophos State of Ransomware in State and Local Government Report. New funding programs to reinforce cybersecurity technology from federal and state levels enable IT teams to deploy improved defenses, but challenges remain. These challenges include staffing shortages, increased technology complexity and skills gaps in technology operations.

CyGlass offers a unified hybrid network and cloud defense solution that accurately identifies, detects, and remediates cyber threats without requiring additional hardware, software, or people. Used by multiple cities and local governments across the UK and North America, CyGlass simplifies operations using AI and automation while offering the lowest total cost of ownership for an open-XDR solution.

Government IT Operations

Birmingham City Council Case Study

Birmingham City Council Deploys Enterprise Scale SaaS Open-XDR

With CyGlass, the Council knows it has much-needed network visibility across locations and cloud assets, network blind spots, and rogue devices, including the IoT devices, as many were deployed during the games. The Council also knows that continuous threat monitoring and risk-based scoring utilizing CyGlass AI and Smart alerts will deliver timely, prioritized, actionable threat intelligence to keep the team ahead of any cyberattacks.

Case Study

“Upon completion of an extensive RFP process, we found the CyGlass platform stood alone in ticking all the requirement boxes for our project, while delivering equal if not better world-class AI at a fraction of the cost of the competition. That was not even the best part, rapid time to value was – we deployed across 130K IP network in a day! CyGlass Hybrid Network Defense has delivered on every promise and given us complete visibility into the risks and threats across our network, Azure and M365 environments.”

Birmingham City Council

CyGlass Advantages

Ransomware Defense

CyGlass continuously monitors over 40 CISA-defined ransomware defense risks and threat controls, suggesting proactive measures to reduce attack risk. CyGlass AI watches for ransomware indicators on compromise and automatically applies remediation controls to stop attacks early. CyGlass ransomware prevention defense reports clearly illustrate risks, guide teams through continuous improvement, and enable even small IT teams to build robust defenses.

Waverly Borough Council

Continuous Threat Detection and Remediation

CyGlass provides real-time risk and threat detection and response across the network, Azure, Google, AWS Clouds & Cloud applications. Enterprise-class AI and automation simplify operational effectiveness so that even small IT staff schools can easily mitigate risks and quickly respond to cyber threats. With CyGlass, citizen data stays safe, and government services remain uninterrupted.

Rapid Time to Value, Low TCO

Navigating the path to establishing a cutting-edge security operations center might initially appear overwhelming, whether you're representing a city, borough council, county, or state government. The good news is that the landscape is evolving positively: building a robust cyber defense is no longer solely dependent on recruiting many cybersecurity experts and deploying intricate tools. CyGlass is part of the positive evolution - an AI-driven solution born in the cloud, designed to comprehensively safeguard your cloud infrastructure, networks, and user identities. By seamlessly integrating with your current endpoint security toolkit, CyGlass eliminates the necessity for any extra workforce, simplifies operations, and significantly reduces costs—up to an impressive 60%. This capability empowers every organization to implement a top-tier cyber defense strategy seamlessly.

Best Value

CyGlass, AWS & Carahsoft Partnership

CyGlass delivers an innovative and fully cloud-native hybrid network defense solution meticulously crafted for seamless deployment within the expansive AWS Cloud infrastructure. What truly distinguishes CyGlass is its unparalleled collaboration with AWS and Carahsoft, delivering exceptional benefits to city, state, and local governments. This unique partnership facilitates effortless integration of CyGlass, eliminating financial and staffing burdens while easing procurement. Unlock the potential of CyGlass through exclusive contract avenues accessible via Carahsoft and AWS, including QUILT, Omnia, E&I, and NASPO. Visit the Carahsoft-CyGlass Solution Page