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Protect Client Data and Firm Reputation with CyGlass Hybrid Network Defense

Threat actors target law firms searching for client, mergers and acquisitions, and case data or to disrupt firm operations, damage casework, and litigation efforts. In 2021, a quarter of all law firms reported cyber-attack-related data breaches, which will likely rise closer to the US average of 45% in 2022.* The Solicitors Regulatory Authority, the U.K. Bar Council , and the American Bar Association have all increased their guidance to law firms on cyber defenses. CyGlass effectively identifies, detects, and responds to cyber threats without requiring additional hardware, software, or people. Deployed and protecting multiple medium and small law firms, CyGlass effectively protects against ransomware and cyber-attacks targeting I.P., client and case information, M&A data, and PII data.

*Law Firm Cyberattack Statistics

Case Study

Mid-Sized Law Firm, Protecting Case and Client Data

Founded in 1894 and growing rapidly over the past decade from six to 12 offices nationwide, this US firm of 182 attorneys and 450 employees recognized the firm and its clients were under threat and took action to protect its network and data from attack. They turned to CyGlass for its cloud-native architecture, rapid deployment, and ransomware defense capabilities.

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"Four of our clients are legal firms, and they enjoy the broad threat visibility offered by CyGlass across their North-South, East-West, Azure, and M365 traffic. For legal firms, CyGlass offers affordable, highly accurate risk and threat detection against ransomware and other cyberattacks."


CyGlass Advantages

Protection of Client and Case Data

CyGlass provides real-time risk and threat detection and response across network, Cloud & Microsoft environments. Enterprise-class AI and automation simplify operational effectiveness so that even a small IT staff at a law firm can easily mitigate risks and quickly respond to cyber threats. With CyGlass, sensitive client and case data remain safe.

Cloud Defense

Ransomware Defense

CyGlass automatically monitors for over 40 CISA ransomware defense risks and threats, suggesting proactive measures to prevent this unchecked threat to legal firms. Automated Ransomware prevention defense reports clearly illustrate risks, guide teams through continuous improvement, and allow even small legal firms to build robust defenses.

Waverly Borough Council

Implement ABA, SRA, U.K. Bar Cyber Defense Guidelines

The uptick in cyberattacks against law firms has legal organizations like the American Bar association and the Solicitors Regulation Authority issuing guidance on cyber defense standards and the responsibility to firms to protect sensitive data. From ABA Opinions 477R and 483 to SRA Rules 5.2 & 2.9, legal firms are responsible for protecting critical data from cyberattacks and implementing risk and threat detection systems to do so. CyGlass, used by multiple law firms across the U.K., U.S., and Canada to protect sensitive data and meet association guidelines, is effective and affordable to I.T. teams of all sizes.

UK Cyber Essentials Compliance Report

Rapid Time to Value, Low TCO

Keeping IT systems up and running is critical to maximizing billable hours and profitability, but spending on complex security tools and security professionals is not. CyGlass offers rapid time to value, low operational costs, no hardware deployments, and no new headcount while offering enterprise-class cyber defense.

Rapid Time to Value