The wheels have not stopped turning since we were acquired by Nominet back in February and there have been some exciting developments here at CyGlass. Despite a global pandemic, I’m proud to say that the CyGlass team has taken everything in their stride, even launching a dedicated free network security service to help companies overcome the challenges caused by the surge in remote working.

We’ve also been working hard behind the scenes for our partners. Today we have announced the details of the second iteration of the Velocity partner program that enables partners to take advantage of the CyGlass opportunity. The simple, profitable, and repeatable program has a wealth of resources for our partner community and provides access to training and support that covers both technical and strategic requirements.

What is especially interesting about this new version of the Velocity partner program though is that we’ve added some of our CyGlass secret sauce!

What’s that?” I hear you ask.

Here at CyGlass, we’re passionate about a frictionless experience – and that goes for our partners too! In this next iteration of the partner program, partners will now not only benefit from the comprehensive portal which provides an automated process to register a deal, but they will be able to launch a POC and generate an Executive Summary report, without the need for a human in the loop.

In the current remote working climate where adaptability, speed, and accessibility are paramount, we want to ensure our systems make our partners’ lives easier. Our Velocity partner program will be able to fuel both our partners and CyGlass for the next stage of growth in a newly shaped market.

Check out our partner page and let us know what you think!