When we meet with and talk to our midmarket customers all over the world, they universally say the biggest concern they had prior to deploying CyGlass is that they had no window into network visibility. They had firewall and endpoint protection. But they didn’t have protection for the network.

They couldn’t understand how their networks were behaving so they couldn’t make sound decisions based on the current state of their environments. As their networks grew, they didn’t know if user or admin accounts were connected to the cloud or even which cloud services were being used. They came to CyGlass because they were having a next-to-impossible time finding alternatives to expensive enterprise security tools that required a fully staffed SOC to operate.

The biggest pain point, one CyGlass customer affirmed in a case study, is the lack of visibility into what is happening due to the rapid adoption of cloud computing and remote work.

With this all-important ethos in mind, CyGlass President Ed Jackowiak took a closer look at why visibility into the network has become such a complex problem and why it’s worth solving to defend against ransomware and other malicious activities.

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