LITTLETON, Mass, July XX, 2021

CyGlass customer Waverley Borough Council has been named a 2021 CSO50 Award Winner for its security project “Protecting Citizen Data,” IDG’s CSO has announced. Additionally, Cyglass and Waverley Council have been named a Cloud Security Product of the Year in the network category by Computing magazine’s Cloud Excellence Awards 2021.

Computing is the longest continuously published magazine for IT professionals in the UK.

The CSO50 award recognizes organizations for security projects and initiatives that demonstrate outstanding business value and thought leadership. Among this year’s CSO50 winners are Accenture, Cisco, FedEx, Intel Corporation, JetBlue Airways, Verizon Communications and Zoom Video Communications.

Waverley Borough Council is a large borough in Surrey, UK, with a population of approximately 123,000, providing more than 110 services. The council has deployed AI-based Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS), a low-cost high value program that brings affordable enterprise-class cybersecurity to a small IT team. NDaaS enables the Council to identify, detect and respond to threats on the network 24×7 using AI and machine learning, without requiring additional hardware, software, or people. While larger, well-resourced organizations have been able to combat cyber threats in their networks using automated, self-learning AI threat response systems, such on-premise solutions are too complex and expensive for medium and small enterprises.

CyGlass provides a fully-hosted SaaS network detection and response solution that can be easily integrated with firewalls, endpoint, and other applications. With budgets under pressure and staff being asked to do more with less, CyGlass’ solution provided a needed layer of security without adding the cost and overhead you traditionally see with security solutions.

According to a Waverley Borough Council spokesperson, “CyGlass allowed us to efficiently manage our important alerts. This has given us a 24/7 pair of eyes, helping to ensure that we continually improve our security posture against ever emerging threats.”

Local government organizations such as Waverley Borough Council are the type of medium-sized organizations that are the mainstay of the UK economy and are ideal for the more affordable and less complex SaaS approach to network defense.

To successfully defend the data of their citizens and protect them from ransomware, unauthorized web/DNS activities, lateral movement and data exfiltration, local councils can use CyGlass to:

  • Gain overall visibility and continuous monitoring into internal networks
  • Alert and react on activities against defined security policies
  • Address anomalous, potentially malicious activities undetected by other security measures
  • Gain single pane of glass visibility and faster reaction to threats and risks

According to CyGlass CEO Ed Jackowiak, “In a year when cyber criminals aggressively expanded their attacks to local government, Waverley Council is successfully defending the sensitive data of 126,000 citizens. Being able to de-risk its network in a way that doesn’t require significant infrastructure changes or personnel to implement lets Waverley Council operate well within their budgetary expectations. We’re thrilled by this well-deserved recognition and congratulate the Waverley team.”


CyGlass is a leading provider of network-centric, threat detection solutions that allow mid-market customers to uncover, pinpoint, and respond to advanced cyber threats that have evaded traditional security controls. CyGlass’ mission is to provide organizations with a new level of intelligence to defend against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. Its asset oriented, risk-based approach to threat detection and mitigation focuses attention on the emerging attacks which pose the greatest risk. CyGlass is part of the Nominet UK group.


Betsy Kosheff

[email protected]